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We want to work in home, school and society so that all children can share the foundation, values ​​and lives of the Christian faith. We do this primarily by inspiring and strengthening Christian parents and teachers. RKF was founded in 1883.

Riksförbundet Kristen Fostran (RKF) is a swedish ecumenical association led by a management council, elected by the members of the General Meeting every two years. The chairman is Carl-Henrik Karlsson. Organization Number: 865000-4214.

We want to work in homes, schools and communities so that all children are able to share the foundation, values ​​and lives of the Christian faith.

History – from 1883 to today
RKF was founded in 1883 in connection with a large meeting in Uppsala for folk school teachers. One of the initiators was Fredrik Lundgren (1847-1915). As a person, he was holy, consistent and stood for his conviction. He had become fatherless at an early age. As a child, he had found comfort in Christianity and the Bible was the guiding principle of his life.

Fredrik Lundgren convened in the committee that would draft draft statutes, as well as prepare for local associations – newly formed and already established – to be joined in a joint organization – Friends of the Swedish Folk High School.

This was at a time when the position of the Christian faith in school – as well as the influence of the Church in school and society – was questioned. From this background you can understand the first charter of the association:

1.1 ”Strongly convinced that true public education is inseparable and inseparably connected with living Christianity, we want, with all available legal means, to work for this in folk school to be fully and correctly biblical fullness.”

1.2 ”At the same time, the association must be a brotherly relationship between all those who want to promote the education of folk and folk education, or, in other words, promote the Christianity to penetrate both education and education, as well as the life of the school, the home and the whole community. ”

The first chairman of the association became Waldemar Rudin, from 1885 to 1921. Fredrik Lundgren became vice-chairman and founded in 1885 the newspaper Folkskolens vän – now called Kristen Fostran – and was the first editor and responsible publisher.

Svenska Folkskolans Vänner was formed by Christians characterized by revival frenzy and the association has always been ecumenical. In 1971, the name was changed to Riksförbundet Kristen Fostran, RKF. At this time there were about 4000 members and 29 local departments.

In 2009, RKF formed the Eunike Network to support Christian parents in their mission to convey the foundation, values, and lives of faith to a new generation. Initiator was Carl-Henrik Karlsson who also became his first business leader.

RKF had previously published Carl-Henrik Karlsson’s book On God’s mission, written after he realized through conversation how much his parents consciously and unconsciously planted in his life, not least the trust and faithfulness of the Bible as the Word of God. Carl-Henrik has been Chairman of RKF since 2017.

We are proud of our history, but the most important people are the teachers, parents, and others who today open up to give the children the foundation, values ​​and lives of our children. It is those who today write our story.

Read more about our early history in the Swedish Folk High School’s Friends SFV, Riksförbundet Kristen Fostran RKF 1883-1983, Sven Enlund, Association of Swedish Teaching History, Stockholm 1986.

We want to work in homes, schools and communities so that all children are able to share the foundation, values ​​and lives of the Christian faith.

For the children – since 1883